Cleaning Method for Nylon Carpet

Oct 30th

Nylon carpet – Your home carpet takes a beating. From pets to your family tracking dirt into the house, maybe your nylon carpet dirty and in need of cleaning. Nylon carpet is not difficult to clean, but do not take up much water and will take a long time to dry if you use a water-based cleaners. The best cleaning method for nylon carpet is a dry method using a powder cleaner that can easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Nylon Carpet Colors Ideas
Nylon Carpet Colors Ideas

Dry carpet cleaning method

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Cleaning your nylon carpet with a dry method consists of three parts that are easily done in a day. The first part, you have to sprinkle nylon carpet with powder solvent. Let the powder sit on the carpet for 15 minutes. Move any furniture from the carpet. Also, keep pets and family members from going on the carpet. Next part involves using a special buffer having two rotary working head solvents powder into the fibers of your nylon carpet. Then, to complete the dry carpet cleaning process, vacuum the carpet with your regular vacuum cleaner. Your vacuum removes solvents powder and dirt from nylon carpet.

Install a new bag in the vacuum cleaner before you start the vacuum step. You can also remove and discard the bag when vacuuming step has been performed. The solvents powder and dirt can make the vacuum cleaner bag full faster.

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