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October 18, 2018 Gas Fireplace

DIY Gas Fireplace Insert

Gas fireplace insert – A DIY gas fireplace insert is one of the fastest, easiest and energy-efficient ways of using a traditional brick fireplace, which is outdated and waste up to 90 percent of the heat up the chimney. A gas fireplace insert is a steel-encased combustion chamber, which fits into a conventional masonry fireplace. The cutter draws air from the interior into the inserts and the gas warms up the air. The air is then sent back into the room. Gas inserts are much more cost effective than traditional fireplaces. Choose between vented and unvented gas inserts.

Gas Fireplace Insert Design

Gas Fireplace Insert Design

Your chimney should be in good condition. Should the chimney inspected by a chimney or gas fireplace insert. If the chimney liner or flue is not in good condition, it must be repaired. The most common method of repair of a chimney is to reline it with stainless steel chimney liners. The installation comprises lowering the metal liners down the chimney by rope or using a winch.

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You can use rigid pipes for straight runs. Use flexible pipes to gas fireplace insert with multiple curves. It is acceptable to use a combination of pipes. You can also have a poured-in situated installed liner. This liner is a rubber like bladder inserted in the chimney and bloated. A fire-resistant material is pumped into the mold and allowed to cure. After 24 h, the form is removed.

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