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January 22, 2018 Tapestry Style

Figures Buddha Tapestry on Wall

Buddha tapestry – You can create environment full of energy and balance with these tapestries with Mandala and Buddhist symbols. For those of us who know that it is “mandala” I can say that it has its origin in India and its name means “circle or wheel”. For Buddhists all these circles, wheels and geometric forms have very important functions in meditation and relaxation. The circle means security and the true “I” while the squares and triangles refer to balance, stability, transformation and vitality. Spirals refer to balance while open lines refer to healing energies.

Brown Buddha Tapestry

Brown Buddha Tapestry

Meaning Of The Colors In The Mandala Figures Buddha Tapestry

The colors of all mandala figures buddha tapestry of these decorative wall hangings have a meaning in the world of Buddhism. For example white is related to unification in illumination, green is related to hope happiness and freedom, gray color with calm, hope, neutrality and wisdom. Orange with energy and dynamism. Yellow with sympathy and light. The pink with the sweetness and patience while the purple colors convey inspiration, transformation, magic, idealism and spirituality.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Figures Buddha Tapestry on Wall

Image of: Brown Buddha Tapestry
Image of: Lord Buddha Tapestry Ganesha
Image of: Picture Buddha Tapestry
Image of: Tibetan Buddha Tapestry
Image of: Vintage Buddha Tapestry
Image of: Wall Decor Buddha Tapestry
Image of: Buddha Tapestry Cotton
Image of: Buddha Tapestry Decal
Image of: Buddha Tapestry Face Wall Art
Image of: Buddha Tapestry Picture
Image of: Chakra Buddha Tapestry
Image of: Elegant Buddha Tapestry

Buddha Tapestry Hinders Elephants on Wall

In India elephants are a kind of amulet and arise from the god Ganesha, an elephant-headed god who has always been credited with the gift of bringing luck and health. We all seek protection and help depending on our beliefs. Some trust in Christ, others in the Virgin Mary or any other saint of the Catholic religion and if you also trust in Eastern beliefs, figures as symbolic as the Hindu elephants will give color, joy, relaxation and why not protection to your home;).

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