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January 10, 2018 Tapestry Design

Remarkable Decoration with Modern Dark Tapestry

Dark tapestry – You can find tapestry traditions in most countries in the world, making it a near-universal art form. In traditional tapestries create hand-weaving with looms and hand-door one-of-a-kind woven tapestry. Read on to learn more!   Modern innovations in weaving technology has resulted in machine-woven tapestries to recreate some of the textures and patterns of their artisan counterparts, even though they may have a flatter look because of uniformity in sewing and dying.

Dark Tapestry Purple

Dark Tapestry Purple

These modern versions can remain true to their predecessors and adorn the walls, or can be reinterpreted for use as coatings for beds, pillows or floors. The popularity of tapestry art inspired today’s less labor intensive interpretations. Modern dark tapestry artisan can still function hand-weaving, although it typically consists of wool, silk, linen fibers, or a combination thereof. Another interpretation of tapestries involves the artist starts with a square of canvas material and embroiders or pin-pointing a design with colored silk or wool.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Remarkable Decoration with Modern Dark Tapestry

Image of: Bohemian Dark Tapestry
Image of: Dark Tapestry Bedding
Image of: Dark Tapestry Bedroom
Image of: Dark Tapestry Ceiling
Image of: Dark Tapestry Colors
Image of: Dark Tapestry Forest
Image of: Dark Tapestry Hanging
Image of: Dark Tapestry Purple
Image of: Dark Tapestry Room
Image of: Dark Tapestry Style
Image of: Dark Tapestry Wall
Image of: Diy Dark Tapestry

Decorators find dark tapestry remarkably versatile in home design. Weaving and detail add texture and color to a room. Ethnic tapestries reflect the design and palette traditions specific to a culture as the Zapotec Indian geometric motifs found on tapestries in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca.

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