Stoner Tapestry Design Ideas

Dec 2nd

Stoner tapestry – If you want to bring color and texture to a room in your home, consider using fabric. Whether you want to hang curtains in the windows or a tapestry on the wall, fabrics can come to your rescue. Learn how to make your own tapestries and curtains, and you will be able to save money over store-bought items, and even customize your fabric choices to your home decor.

Wonderful Stoner Tapestry
Wonderful Stoner Tapestry

If you want to make your own curtains, start by measuring window. Measure the width of the curtain rod you will use as it hangs in the window, then divide by 2; Add 2 inches to this and call it measurement A. Measure the height of the window from the bar to the threshold add 4 inches to this and call it measurement B. Cut two pieces of fabric curtain which measures A and B. For stoner tapestry, simply measure the size of the space on the wall where you will hang the fabric; add 2 inches to the width and 4 inches to the height and cut the fabric to these dimensions.

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You can make stoner tapestry of almost all fabrics. Choose a light gauze sheer fabrics or heavier interior design weight canvas or linen for darker curtains. Use the quilting cotton for its ease of access and wide choice of colors and patterns, or use satin for anything elegant. For your fabric, choose a fabric that has a bold style and a lot of decoration to it so that it becomes more like the art on the wall and less like a large piece of plain fabric.

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